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We enhance the human-animal bond with thoughtfully-designed gear that frees us to explore life's great adventures together. We believe that with the right gear, every walk has the possibility to become a memory. Our mission is to make it easier, more convenient, safer, and more fun to spend time with your pet - always with an eye for style.


We have always loved our pets, but Mission Pets didn't actually start off in the pet industry. Mission Pets started as SimplyShe back in 1999 as a women's lifestyle company that focused on everything from apparel to home goods. However, over the years we realized that our greatest interest revolved around our animal friends.

So, in 2004, we focused our technical expertise on pet apparel and accessories. To better reflect our evolved mission and passion, in 2017 we gave ourselves a new name: Mission Pets.

The idea was born from our collective love of furry friends and the active lives we led together in the San Francisco Bay Area - from Redwood City to the Redwoods of Muir Woods. Over the years, we'd go through endless leashes, harnesses, poop bags, and more, always feeling like nothing lived up to our high expectations. So, we devoted ourselves to dreaming up better, more innovative solutions for ourselves and for our four-legged friends. Exploring the world together isn't a dream for us - it's a way of life.

At Mission Pets, everything comes back to this idea. We're driven by the joy of sharing our days with our pet friends and we love designing better solutions to life's adventures, from city navigation to trail runs to sharing our distinctive sense of style with our dogs. Whatever we do, our dogs are there as our partners, our shadows, our faithful friends. Neither they nor we would have it any other way.

We do all we can to expand the pack of people who share our belief that dogs make adventures better, and we want you in it, because we're pretty sure that the bigger our pack gets, the better off the world will be.


Product that Works and Looks Good

Gone are the days when you have to make a choice between function and fashion.

A Pack Mentality

We're passionate about working together. We welcome diverse strengths of a team.

A Culture of Fun

We're serious about what we do but don't take ourselves seriously. Life is ruff, have more fun!